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It's (finally) Wednesday

February 13th, 2008 (11:03 am)

current mood: blah

Life has been pretty uneventful of late - Chinese New Year came and went by in not too much of a flash. I spent the festive period stuffing my face with pineapple tarts, stuffing my brains with trashy Korean dramas, stuffing my body with wine and generally, feeling very happily stuffed. Reporting to work again on Monday after the long weekend was therefore understandably….. tramautising.

The most eventful event since the (Chinese) New Year would be the cab ride back from Hong Kah - Don't get me started on why I'm there, I am particularly sore about the fact that the main purpose of the entire exercise is to advance someone's political career. Anyway, I got into this yellow top black cab, and there was this super old uncle, around my grand-daddy's age behind the wheel. And then everything Alvin Chan said about yellow top cabs just came floating back to memory. As Murphy would have it, everything he bitched about previously was spot on - the cab was super old, unmaintained, smelt suspiciously like a storeroom (of dust probably). I can still live with that, but then I think he embarked onto some personal mission to get us to as many close shave situations as possible. We spent the entire half an hour cab ride tailgating vans and lorries in the extreme left lane, when we could have easily gone at a much faster speed in the right lane. It was pure torture starting and stopping (really hard!) in the rickety cab, and when you see normal cabs zooming down quickly on the right lane… man, the frustration….you know somebody up there has got to be laughing very hard at the entire situation. The cab skidded twice trying to stop, and then a couple more times before I got home in one piece. I swear I saw my life flashing past more than a couple of times that night.

I don’t think I've ever darted so quickly out of a cab before. Mental note to self: Remember to always strap up in the cab next time.


It's finally midweek, and mid-Feb! Where do I go from here? God please please give me an indication soon.


Intelligence is very sexy. Completely random but true :)