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And Christmas is here?

December 30th, 2006 (02:55 am)

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Work is officially killing me.
Been working on this project for almost 2 weeks now, and have come to realise that

a) lawyers overworked and underpaid, b) auditors have got to be the most irritating people walking Planet earth, c) certain boutique stores X, Y and Z (I cannot name names because I'm professional) are ripping us off big time.

I cannot remember the last time I got off work before 10pm, or the last time when I walked out of the office when it was still bright. I don't even have the energy to go online and just surf, or come home in time to catch the 9pm show, or the 10pm news for that matter, not that I was ever an avid fan of either of those shows but the fact that I could watch them whenever I wanted to and whenever I felt like it made all the difference.
The only TV I've watched in the last couple of days was Mr Bean during dinner in the pantry last night, on that huge swanking plasma TV that I'd rather not have a chance to discover how wonderful the resolution is, or how brilliant the surround sound is.

Aside from burning the last 2 weekends (yes, including Christmas weekend), I should qualify the so far Grinch-post by saying that Christmas hasn’t been all that bad.

I have a pretty lovely Christmas to be honest.

Christmas Eve was spent at Mama Wang's house catching up with the girls, where she proceeded to stuff us with turkey, an assortment of saussages, cheesy mash, amongst other stuff. (yes, there was so much food that I can't even remember half of the stuff that I put into my mouth!)
It was great meeting those girls again, especially since it feels like we are drifting further now that we've all grown up and forced to do the whole rat race thing.

Christmas Day, AA and I managed to get to mass, albeit an Indonesian one which we didn’t understand most of what was being said. But Christmas mass being one that is basically traditional, we got through most of it on the rationale that it's similar to the usual Christmas mass conducted in English. (which wasn't very far from the mark la) Christmas carols in Bahasa Indonesia wasn’t too bad actually, and I quite enjoyed the caroling that they did for a good 20 minutes.

Then it was off to dinner at Coduroy and Finch later. I had the grilled seabass, and AA had the chicken breast. (pardon me for not quite remembering the fancy names lol) For all that hype from Shannon, food was good but not great. Well at least to me it was lacking the omphh factor. Guess we should have tried the desserts, since they came highly recommended, but by the time dinner was done, I was so stuffed I could barely feel my legs.

Goodbye 2006, I'm all ready to welcome 2007 with a giant milk chocolate toffee brownie truffle shake.

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It's time to work and work....or maybe not

December 29th, 2006 (11:07 am)

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It's been a super good morning at the office so far.

Firm's closed today for associates and the partners and even for the tea lady etc but not for the pupils (the "Lowest Lifeform"). I do apologise for the need for abbreviations/definitions, job hazard you might say. (or more of the fact that I've spent the last 2 weeks perusing *shhh* contracts lol.)

The morning started off with a nice long leisurely breakfast in the pantry, with friends that I haven't met since PLC cos we've all been so busy in our various departments. And then we spent most of the earlier part of the morning trying to co-ordinate orders for Project Pigout, the mega pupil lunch later hahah. And now I'm starving just thinking of the sushi and the pizza and the sides and the... we're having later, in the BOARDROOM with the fantastic view no less heh.

Apparently 3 of the other pupils have gone out for massages at a nearby massage parlour while some of us (mostly the M&A department) are still here struggling to meet some deadline. We've been told that December is an ultra busy month for M&A; something about companies having to utilise their budget for the year buying companies. *makes a face* The rest of us are playing the role receptionist cos even though the firm's closed, phones are still ringing off the hook and the courier people are still pounding on the door ever so often. We're contemplating putting a "Closed for Business" sign on the door, but then we all kinda too lazy to walk to the door to even put it up.

Yesterday, while I was having lunch with Elisa looking all morose, she was saying something about how work has killed my spirit and I told her something to the effect that now I know why everyone just looks so haggard but the pupils all come in looking so fresh initially. She vehemently stated that she wasn't going to let them run her life, which I promptly told her that it couldn't be true cos otherwise she'd be making all these fancy plans for the weekends already. Yeah, I was definitely Miss Cranky on legs.

All this complaining, and then when I actually got off work for the first time in ages at 7, I actually felt mildly lost. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh *screaming wildly*

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My giraffe's gone and gotten wings

December 8th, 2006 (12:39 pm)

AA got his acceptance letter into SQ today! (Congrats bebe! so happyyyyy for you!)

Now we're just hoping that the Air Force manages to get that damn deferment.
Oh, and I'm just waiting for the employment contract to come so that I can do my lawyer (or maybe not) thing. *rolls eyes*

Edit: And why does everyone keep congratulating me for being able to fly free from now on? It's probably just 1 free ticket, and like a gazillion other subsidised tickets.... *evil laugh* (takes cover)

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The story of my life

December 1st, 2006 (10:59 pm)
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To AA who sent me this: thanks. I forgot my life sucked.


Xinmei says that it is hardly a practical law course, but rather the theory of practical law course.
We learn things like how you should do A, B and C or how you have to do B,A and then C, but in truth, you can spit it out like bad tofu in the mouth but you still don't know what to do exactly at the end of the day.

Not getting what I'm ranting about? I think an example would be excellent in such a situation. I shall have to quote her because really, she always gives the best examples:

When you send your child for swimming class, you expect her to come home and say "Mum! I swam 10 laps today!"
Instead, your child tells you "Mum, to swim, you must first raise your right arm, paddle your feet and later raise your left arm"
In the end, when your child falls into a pond, she will still drown because she still does not know how to swim.

And for the record, this is not a freaking holiday either.
It has not been fun, except of course if you count getting slapped full frontal in the face by a wet fish as fun.

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Inspiration by Food

November 2nd, 2006 (06:20 pm)

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Eliza once said that whenever she feels hungry, she would surf for pictures of yummy food online, and it would asuage her hunger.
Clearly, it doesn't work on me; I believe in listening to the stomach whenever it growls.

chicken tikka

paneer (cottage cheese) in tomato base sauce

bryani dum

And CYL, where did you get that nice lovely bowl of tau suan from ???

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Hyderabad in film

October 28th, 2006 (05:34 pm)

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I'm back from Hyderabad with stories to tell and pictures to show.
Surprisingly, I ended up falling in love that the place; not so much the people or the food but the architecture.
I love the way that it's supposed to be a city, (and it is bustling like one), but yet it feels almost countryside as well cos everything's so rustic.

Am overflowing with pictures here, so I'll just post the ones I think are worth sharing, else it's just going to be a complete overdose and altogether very random.

The Charminar

we were told that the pride the locals have for the Charminar is akin to the French's pride towards the Effiel Tower, or the American's pride towards the Statue of Liberty/ Empire State Building.....You get the point.:)

as we were climbing the well-polished stone steps up the Charminar, we decided to take a break.

and we finally made it to the top...

the architecture inside.

the view from above-the traffic you see is what you get on a normal day in Hyderabad.

The Golconda Fort

the customary picture..

this is just 1/3 of the width of the fort. AA was complaining that he needs wider lens.

stairway to Heaven. The guy is the blue shirt was our guide for 350 Rs (about S$10++). It would have been reasonable, except that after the tour he actually had the cheek to ask us for more money in the form of a tip.

can you spot us?

the view from above..

Qutb- Shahi Tombs

at the entrance of the first tomb. The driver stopped us right outside that one, but little did we realise that the real walking begins behind.

the king's tomb

the queen's tomb

Birla Mandir Temple

We weren't allowed to take pictures within the temple, so everything we've got in the stash came from the AA's trusty k750i 2.0 megal pixels camera and my not-so-trusty 1.3 mega pixels razor. Basically, we got a lot of head - and - hand by the side of picture kinda shots, but some of them did turn out pretty well, like the ones I've posted below.
It's something worth commendation I reckon, considering we don't excatly blend into the crowd and everyone was watching us like you would when an alien walks out from his saucer.

the temple on a hill

the view from the temple

This is basically it for now. There will be a part 2 most definitely, cos I've uploaded them but can't be arsed to post them in the journal now, cos well, my application form is still staring at me, accusingly uncompleted.

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Greetings from Hyberabad!

October 25th, 2006 (04:22 am)

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Despite my initial misgivings, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself:)
They don't call it incredible india for nothing!

The architecture here has that rustic feeling, and it reminds me somewhat of the downtrodden aspect of eastern europe, plus that rustic indian charm.
Hospitality here can only be summed up on one word: world class. Singapore might be a first world country, but the service industry is what I often refer to one of third world standards. But I have been nothing short of impressed here, and although was initially quite paiseh to see them leap in front of you to get the door, greet you at every nook and cranny you turn and the perpetual smiles and addresses of "mam", this is something I can get used to! hahah...
As I was telling AA, it will be hard to go back to reality once the holiday is over; ie, back to commoner lifestyle.

We had also rented a car from Avis, and get this, for a somewhat reasonable price of 113 USD over 3 days, they throw in a personal chauffeur as well!
That means he brings you wherever you wanna go ( "where to next sir/madam"), waits for you while you do your sightseeing and shopping at one place, and also shows up promptly when you ring him at anytime. And get this: he has no knock off time, he works till whenever "you don't need [him] anymore."
The ironic part was we were initially quite disappointed at the arrangement, cos it would be quite fun to explore the roads on our own, and AA could also satisfy his lust for manual driving, but after seeing the way Indian drivers go on the roads, we have to admit it was definitely the wisest decisions not to drive.
Driving is CRAZY, I kid/exaggerate you not. Our driver doesn't use his right side mirror when he drives, and most people I've notice on the road have their mirrors tucked in when they drive.
This is simply because there is no highway code here, no check blind spot first, no right of way, nothing! The way to go here is the horn, you wanna do anything, you horn. The system is somewhat bizarre- you horn to warn people of danger, to show your annoyance, to inform people of the changes in lanes you are making- and yet the system appears to work just fine. For them at least :p

I couldn't resist buying a very pretty pearl necklace; the price was OK and this place is famous for pearls!

But on the downside of everything, I'm not quite taking to the food. Bryani that's supposed to be famous here is poison to me, and for some reason, I hardly see any curries on the menu.
Plus I think they hardly see chinese in this part of India, because everywhere we go, I feel like some sort of zoo exhibit. Yesterday while we were at the 15th century Golconda fort, this group of indian boys insisted on taking a picture with us.

I guess this is about as exoticcccc as it gets... :p

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Off to Hyderabad

October 22nd, 2006 (09:40 am)

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hitting the pause button

October 15th, 2006 (05:42 pm)

Haven't had the time or the frame of mind to sit down, and pen an entry.
I'm not entirely sure if this means that life has been very fulfilling, so much so that even sparing the time to pen it down would have been too precious, but it's been nothing short of busy.
Aside from the usual rigour of school work and deadlines, I'm also juggling driving classes, tutorials and holiday planning.

Time has been moving along too quickly for my liking; has it already been almost 3 months since Liberation Day?
It makes me want to...I don't know, weep or balk at the thought of December slamming me full frontal in the face.
As CYL once said "life ends here".
The irony of the situation is, whilst my social life ends there, life in December is promising to be more comfortable financially, although mostly it stems from the lack of time to spend it.

Speaking of ironies, the lucky draw grand prize; all expenses paid trip comes to mind.
The Hyderabad trip was originally planned to happen from the 1st to the 5th of November, but it's now been rescheduled to happen next week, during the Deepavali/Hari Raya Puasa Holiday. I was just complaining to AA, that the idea of a free trip is fast becoming more of a hassle than a pleasant surprise.
Besides the fact that I'm not too thrilled on going to India, I've also got my heart set on seeing Taiwan, but because it's free, it's got to happen one way or another, cos we're all cheapos that way thinking that the one time we're ever getting to Hyderabad voluntarily is if it's free, like now.
Don't ask me why I've got this sudden incessant itch to go Taiwan. Perhaps it's the food, or the shopping, or my increasing restlessness, or maybe it's just dawning on me how close the end of PLC is, and this most probably equates to the end of freedom and any social life.
The way I see it, when the going gets rough, I'd need to fall back on my holiday pictures to keep me hanging in there.
Depressing yes I know, but reality was never a fan of humour.

In the spirit of being depressing, I've made a recent observation. I've always believed that the aiguebelle kind of friendship is one where you don't have to make effort to frequently meet up, but somehow you'll just feel comfortable no matter how long the time lapse, because friendships are about acceptance, and how you'll always know that the other person will be there for you.
But I'm just beginning to realise how naive that is. It doesn't always work for everybody, and I don't know if it's because I've been so self absorbed in my life or what, but apparently, it doesn't require all that long to make you feel like you're out of the loop.
Perhaps that's what they mean by, there's really no free lunch in this world. You have to work for ...... everything.

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A memory: of Chinese men speaking English

September 26th, 2006 (07:19 pm)
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The first time my driving instructor said "slidey" to me was when he guided me in the filtering process from the left to the right lane.
I thought he meant for me to slide the wheel quickly to the right to make the lane change, and so the filters would be concluded mildly abrupted with me trying to steer the wheel back quickly to correct the oversteer.

Subsequently, each and every time I hear him say "slidey", I was wondering what he really meant, like maybe slide the wheel gently I suppose.

It was only till today after my 3rd lesson, after a thousand "slidey(s)" that I realised what he probably meant to say was "slightly"

This reminds me of an incident back in JC, where my chinese teacher was trying to explain what a certain word meant in chinese. He was giving all sorts of examples, and I was wondering what the hell did he mean by "na ge ren qiang da de polar-stick" Translated, it meant that man snatched the other person's polar-stick.
Puzzled I asked my friend whether polar-stick was some kind of obscure sport gear, you know like a hockey stick?
He looked at me and said, I think the teacher meant to say plastic.